Unintentional randomly generated massive art based on GPS data

I had this idea a couple of years ago, when I was still living in the Netherlands. Everyday we are on the move. Everyday we have to go to work, go shopping. And everyday we usually follow specific routes. But not always. For example, on your way back home, your wife or your flatmates might call you to buy something from the supermarket, you might caught up in traffic and instead of following the route, you are usually following, you might need to chose another route. But if you put them on a map are there any patterns created? Do they mean something? I am now living in Lancaster, UK and in order to answer these questions, I used my GPS to track the routes I am following by bike (I don’t have a car). The conclusion I came to, is that I am using specific routes and I am actually going, where actually my bike can go ( I have a road bike so I can only go on bike lanes/paths and on roads). Perhaps if I had a mountain bike I might be able to set my own routes, go through fields and rougher terrain. But still.. I put 4 routes that I did around Lancaster (two of them going to work and coming back from work, and two routes that I did for recreation, along the river Lune). And here is the result. To me it looks like a face profile. Can you see it?



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