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The Happiness Cube

The Happiness Cube is my graduation project and it is a time based installation in (re)search for happiness through video, sound, light and smell. A 2m X 2m X2m cube was constructed in which the participants had to enter after filling in a questionnaire. A video was created based on International Affective Picture System(IAPS) pictures

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Arduino+ xBee + Processing

Making an Arduino Fio controlled through Processing via xbee is just a small part of a bigger project I was doing when I worked at Lancaster University as a Research Associate at the School of Computing and Communications. Things that you will need: Hardware 2 xbee antennas ( I used the pro series 1) 2

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Arduino smell emitting technology hack

For my graduation project, the Happiness Cube, I also wanted something that could be programmed to release fragrance. Unfortunately smell emitting technologies are very expensive, so I decided to make my own by hacking airfresheners. I wanted to use three different fragrances, lavender for the first seven minutes and vanilla and chocolate for the next

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Sonification of sleeping posture

Can pressure be translated into sound? Do we move a lot while we are sleeping and in what position are we sleeping usually? These questions can of course be answered by placing a camera to record us while we are sleeping. For the Perceptualisation course of my Masters I developed a project that translates our

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Twistard, An interactive arduino based twister game

The idea was to create an interactive game like the famous twister board game. The 1st player presses a button and the leds light up in order to indicate which part of his/her body to place on which pressure pad. If the first player succeeds it is the turn of the second player to press

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The idea was to create an artificial creature that gets bored and expresses its boredom. Bora gets bored, if you don’t talk to her and it gets bored, when you speak to her for more than a minute. She expresses her boredom by sighing and her eyes (LED’s) are dimming slowly. In order to establish

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