Starting up a start up. A personal experience (1)*


We are sure that you have read “the top 10 tips to be a successful manager”, “in order to succeed you need to have these top 5 skills”, “before starting a company, you should read this”, etc etc. Actually the web is full of those top 5, top 10 pieces of advice for everything telling you how to live your life, how to be successful in everything. From a personal point of view success is something totally subjective. But this is just us. Through these posts we will not give you advice of how to and certainly there is no right and wrong way of building your own business. But we would like to share with you our experience of starting a company.

– Time is not working FOR you and impatience is NOT a virtue . We had the idea of creating academous in 2013 and we started working on it since October 2013. We thought that in two years we would have had an up and running website. We were wrong; 3 years later and we are somewhere between alpha and beta testing of the prototype. You see… Life is not following a linear course and if you have not experienced it so far (we hope that you will not, but you will!) it has a lot of up and downs. And you have to roll with it, set small goals, be realistic with them and adjust accordingly to the obstacles that come one after the other sometimes. If you fall, get up. If you fail, see what went wrong and try again. And keep in mind that unfortunately (and despite of us not being gamblers) luck plays an important role in life too together with consistency and perseverance.

There are a lot of tests in the internet that according to your answers tell you if you are suitable for being a entrepreneur or not. When we did one of these tests, it said that we are unfit for enterpreneurship. It might be true. Or not… Who knows? Only Time will tell.

But we can tell you this, if you usually quit easily and you are lazy and not feeling like working a lot of hours for your business, yes… the business will not be built by itself. We ‘ve read somewhere that entrepreneurs prefer to work 10-12 hours for themselves, than working 37 hours for someone else. From personal experience, we can confirm that. Also we ve “read somewhere how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong… but to feel strong! To test your strength at least once!”, as Christopher McCandless says in Into the wild. And academous is our personal test. And you know… at some point in their lives “Everyone has their own Pacific to cross”. And this is our Pacific.

Thank you very much for reading! We hope you enjoyed it!

*Copied, adjusted and pasted from our Academous blog.

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