Academous’ Infographic. Concerning personal data, digital privacy and security breaches (Yahoo! gets hacked).

Probably you have heard about it last week.

Yahoo got hacked in 2014

and 500 million (!) accounts got affected from that security breach. Since 2013, when the idea of academous got conceived, we have been collected data from the news about media and technology companies around the world that got hacked. Why? You might be asking. The asnwer is very simple. In academous we are concerned about personal data and digital privacy ourselves. It goes without saying that personal data is very important for their masters and owners. Hence it is important to us as well since our users is going to be our strength. As we mentioned in our previous post, the idea is to offer to our users, when academous will be launched, partial anonymity. Also we guarantee that we will not give, sell our users’ data to companies (we hate when someone calls us from somewhere, although we never gave them our number). Academous is not going to have any targeted ads for its users anyway. And also the user will have the digital right to have his data forgotten\ deleted (permanently or temporarily). It is a good viewpoint for a start don’t you think?


So to our point. We googled the term in order to get a full list of companies with security breaches the last few years. We found a nice, comprehensive list of security breaches in wikipedia (we know… wikipedia might not always be the most accurate medium but we believe in collaborative intelligence anyway), we did a crosscheck with the data we collected and we made a nice infographic using piktochart.


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