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Starting up a start up. A personal experience (1)*

Hi We are sure that you have read “the top 10 tips to be a successful manager”, “in order to succeed you need to have these top 5 skills”, “before starting a company, you should read this”, etc etc. Actually the web is full of those top 5, top 10 pieces of advice for everything

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Arduino GSR sensor

For my graduation project, the Happiness Cube, I wanted to add some biofeedback features. Answering questionnaires is a good indication for results but in order to create safer results I decided to measure arousal. Since GSR sensors are expensive, I decided to make one by myelf based on an arduino board. Here are the components

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The happiness cube

The Happiness Cube is my graduation project and it is a time based installation in (re)search for happiness through video, sound, light and smell. A 2m X 2m X2m cube was constructed in which the participants had to enter after filling in a questionnaire. A video was created based on IAPS pictures and IADS sounds

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Viberate- an affective intelligent wearable that reacts to increase of arousal

According to Russel’s circumplex model of affect, emotions can be classified according to their amplitude (low-high) and their valence (unpleasant- pleasant). Arousal can be measured by Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensors which basically measure the amount of sweat produced by one’s sweat glants. Although we are aware of how we feel (happy, sad, angry, surprised

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Shimmer GSR Calibration

Shimmer is a wireless sensor platform developed by Shimmer Research that can be used either as a data logger of biosignals to be stored in an SD card or to capture different physiological data in real time. Currently Shimmer provide modules that can sense motion through Gyroscopes and Accelerometers, vital signs and bio signal (ECG,

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Arduino+ xBee + processing

Arduino Hack- How to make Arduino Fio communicate with Processing through xbee Making an arduino fio controlled through Processing via xbee is just a small part of a bigger project I was doing when I worked at Lancaster University as a Research Associate at the School of Computing and Communications. Things that you will need:

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Arduino smell emitting technology hack

For my graduation project, the Happiness Cube, I also wanted something that could be programmed to release fragrance. Unfortunately smell emitting technologies are very expensive, so I decided to make my own by hacking airfresheners. I wanted to use three different fragrances, lavender for the first seven minutes and vanilla and chocolate for the next

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